Pawlikowski Hunting Travel Bureau, is a company founded by Sławomir Pawlikowski, a well-known hunter with multi-generational hunting traditions. As early as the second half of the 19th century, one of his ancestors, January insurgent Franciszek Nalepa, was a forest manager for Prince Eustachy Stanisław Sanguszko of the coat of arms of Pogoń Litewska. Six generations later, in 2013 Sławomir Pawlikowski (great-grandson) establishes a hunting office, which initially organizes hunts in Belarus, Slovakia and Poland for Polish and foreign hunters. The bureau has been gradually expanding its area of operation and for almost ten years of existence at the moment organizes hunts on 5 continents. The specialty of the hunting office is hunting organized in Poland for roe deer buck and bull deer with strong trophies. The office also specializes in organizing group hunts for small game (hares, pheasants, wild ducks and wild geese). Foreign hunts are mainly in such European countries as Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Spain. Other continents include Canada in North America, Turkey in Asia, South Africa and Namibia in Africa, and Argentina in South America. Until the start of the war in Ukraine, the office specialized in organizing grouse and black grouse hunts, as well as wolf and moose hunts in Belarus and Russia. Due to the political situation, the organization of these hunts was suspended until further notice. Due to the fact that the owner of the hunting bureau, Sławek Pawlikowski, is an excellent game decoy, the bureau also organizes decoying courses, where students learn how to decoy not only bull deer or predators, but also such species as fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer and many species of game birds. The hunting office also organizes and conducts various hunting-themed events, such as hunting exhibitions, hubertus, hunting club anniversaries and hunting fairs. Pawlikowski Hunting Travel bureau cooperates with hunting clubs from all over the country and foreign hunting organizations in many countries. The owner of the hunting bureau, Slawomir Pawlikowski, is well-known for his appearances on television and is the author of books and articles in the national and local hunting press.In 2015, he appeared on the TV reality show 'I've Got Talent,' in its eighth edition with a demonstration of game baiting. In 2016, he and several other co-authors wrote 'The Great Atlas of Hunting.' In 2021, he published his first author's book titled. 'The Adventures of the Grove Wajgerszpala and Other Hunting Trivia,' which received its second edition in the spring of 2022. He has also been a member of the Polish Hunting Association for more than 20 years, where in the past he served, among other things, as president of the Military Hunting Circle 'Deer' in Krynica-Zdrój, and from 2013 to 2020 he was president of the Animal Decoy Club of the Polish Hunting Association and its originator and co-founder.