Pawlikowski Hunting Travel agency organizes hunts on 5 continents. In Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

In Europe, we organize hunts in such countries as the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Great Britain and Finland. Until February 24, 2022, we organized hunts in Belarus and Russia ( including the Asian part) but due to the war in Ukraine, hunting there has been suspended until further notice. In the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Serbia, we organize hunts for mouflons, fallow deer, red deer, chamois and wild boar. In the Czech Republic, in addition, we organize sika deer hunts, where there is a good quality wild boar population. In Bulgaria, in addition to chamois, mouflon, fallow deer, wild boar and red deer, we organize hunts for wolves, capercaillie and wild turkeys. Also in Bulgaria we have great offers for hunting birds including two species of partridge, quail, wild pigeons, etc. We also organize hare hunts there. In Croatia, we organize bear hunts. In the United Kingdom, we organize hunts for muzzleloaders, sika deer, fallow deer and from the small game of parda (Scotland). In Spain, we have several offers to hunt four types of goatsuckers (Ibex). In Finland, we have opportunities to organize gray seal and reindeer hunts.

In Asia, it's mainly Turkey and hunts for Capricorn, Anatolian chamois and wild boar. It is also possible to organize wolf and lynx hunts. We also organize hunts on the island of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean, where you can hunt the local deer (similar to sika deer but equal in size to our European ones).

In Africa, we organize hunts in 3 countries. Namibia, where we have several places close to the airport in Windhuk(Namibia's capital). South Africa, where we have a great place in the very south of the country near the city of Port Elizabeth. We also organize hunts in Zimbabwe. In the above places anyone can hunt most of the popular African species but also representatives of the Big Five of Africa. You will find such species as impala, red buffalo, springbok (antelope jumper), blesbok, warthog, sable antelope, velvetmonkey (savannah cat) bushbuck (artichoke), steenbok (common antelope), red lechwe (moor kob), kudu, fringe arui, scrub wild boar, blackwildebeest (brown wildebeest), bluewildebeest (striped wildebeest), goldenwildebeest (golden wildebeest), eland antelope, zebra, Namibian sheep, striped jackal, blueduiker (prairie dujker), baboon, caracal and many other species including elephants, buffalo, lions and leopards.

In North America, we organize hunts for moose, black bear (baribal), mule deer and Virginia deer in the Canadian province of Alberta. We also offer bow hunts for Virginia deer and mule deer.

In South America, we organize hunts in Argentina for pumas and buffalo.