Sławomir Pawlikowski, the owner of the office, established the 'Sławek Pawlikowski School of Decoying' in 2016. As part of the activities of the hunting office, courses, trainings and seminars on game baiting are conducted simultaneously.

The offer of the office includes both stationary courses conducted in the auditorium of the 'Krystyna and Włodzimierz Tomek Museum of Nature' in Ciężkowice (Tarnów district), as well as away courses for the District Boards of the Polish Hunting Association and Hunting Circles, as well as for other institutions such as forest inspectorates. The courses are both one-day and two-day courses combined with baiting workshops. During the courses and trainings we teach how to attract deer, bulls, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, raptors, wild ducks and geese, hazel grouse, woodcock and many other non-hunting species.

Decoying is also an art useful to nature photographers, enthusiasts and wildlife watchers. We also conduct decoying demonstrations during hunting events such as 'Hubertusy', anniversaries of Hunting Circles and educational events for children and young people.